June 07, 2012

Spa Day!

When I got up this morning I wasn't sure what I wanted to have for breakfast.  This is really weird for me considering I plan tomorrow's breakfast the night before and get excited about it usually a couple of hours after dinner!  I started browsing through the fridge, cupboards and didn't really find anything that was appealing to me..that is until I looked in the freezer! BREAD I FORGOT ABOUT YOU!  I don't eat much bread because I really don't like it that much...but sometimes I really love the crunch of a nice piece of toast...so that's exactly what I had today!

I toasted up 2 pieces of Silver Hills Steady Eddie bread, topped with PB and banana!  I had half of a HUGE grapefruit on the side.  

 Why haven't I eaten grapefruit in so long? It is so delicious.  Tart, juicy and extremely satisfying!  

I have a feeling this is going to be a daily thing...and I'm totally okay with that :)

After I had my breakfast...I went for my massage appointment at the Willow Spa at the Fairmont Empress Hotel.  My good friend, Nicole, gave me a gift card for a massage for my birthday months ago and I was saving it for a time when I really needed it - today felt like the day! My shoulders were in desperate need of a massage.

First of all...you would never expect this spa to be as beautiful and tranquil as it actually is because of where it is located and the exterior isn't all that nice.  But if you know anything about the Fairmont Empress Hotel you wouldn't expect anything less than amazing.  It is absolutely beautifully decorated in marble with mini fountains and waterfalls everywhere you look accompanied by beautiful music in the background.  I was immediately brought downstairs to get into my bathing suit and robe so that I could enjoy their sauna, steam room and their special bath before my appointment!  I took advantage of the sauna and because it was first thing in the morning there were only 2 or 3 other people around so I had it all to myself.  I closed my eyes and relaxed.  Next, I moved onto the bath, which again, I had all to myself where I sat under the fountains as the water trickled over me.  SO NICE.  That was just the beginning.  I was already feeling as though I had had my appointment but it hadn't even begun! Gotta love that!

I sat in the waiting room, sipped on some tropical tea for about 2 minutes before I was greeted by my masseuse.  She brought me upstairs to a beautiful room that was warm and smelled like lavender....after 60 minutes of an absolutely amazing massage (except the feet...I swear I was ready to kick her in the face I was so ticklish) I went back into the sauna for about 10 minutes before showering up and heading home.  

Overall experience? I can sum it up in one word - INCREDIBLE!  This was the best massage/spa treatment I have ever had.  It really felt like a treatment and I felt like I was on vacation.  What made it extra amazing was that it is a cold, rainy and windy day today so I totally appreciated being in a nice, warm environment!

If you haven't been to the Willow Spa I urge you to at least check of their website.  They offer so many wonderful treatments, any of which would make an amazing gift for that lovely lady/gentleman in your life!  I took the price list home and am already planning on what treatment I want to have next!

Anyways...enough of that babble...now I am going to finish up my coffee (didn't get to finish it this morning so I just microwaved it when I got home....does anyone else do that or am I just gross?) and probably lay down for a bit because I feel absolutely zonked from my massage.  Funny how relaxing can make you even MORE tired....that's okay though, because I have nothing else that I have to do today!  I have plans for a run and the gym later with Francis but other than that I am free as a bird...and I am going to enjoy every second of it because it doesn't happen very often!

What do you all have planned for today?


  1. OMG SO JEALOUS!!!!! Never been to that spa, but when I make it to Vic, we gots to gooooooo! Enjoy your relaxing day, and I think Francis should make dinner today..might as well right?! :D

  2. oh for sure! We can add that to our list :) And yeah...I like the sounds of that haha I'll run it by him and see how that goes ;)