June 04, 2012

Love Crunch

Good morning world! Did you have a nice weekend? I know I sure did...It involved working out, grocery shopping and lazing around...and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I desperately needed the rest...and guess what? This morning I got up at....wait for it...10:00 AM!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I know I can't.  I woke up a few times in the early hours of the morning but after Francis left for work at around 8:00 am I was completely zonked and didn't wake up until much later.  Normally I hate getting up late because I feel like I have lost the entire day...and maybe I have lost a chunk of the day but that's okay because I know I really needed the rest and it is very important to listen to our bodies! They are smart machines ;)

When I got up I immediately put together a simple breakfast of my favourite yogurt by Danone: Oikos 0% Greek Yogurt, topped with raspberries, blueberries and delicious chocolate and red berries Love Crunch Granola!

Definitely picked this big boy up at Costco this weekend...such an amazing deal! ~$7.49 for a giant bag! These bags are generally around $6.00 for a small bag so I was very happy to find this deal! The last bag I bought was the Carrot Cake, which was absolutely AMAZING! I am definitely going to be buying that one again! I just thought I should give the other flavours a try...I'm so nice ;)

Look at those dark chocolate chunks!!

After I ate this wonderful breakfast...I put on a pot of coffee all for myself :) I brewed this new flavour of coffee I picked up at Murchie's in Victoria, BC a couple of weeks ago! I am always on the search for a perfect flavoured coffee and this one definitely delivers.  It smells like a rich caramel/brown sugar mixture and has a hint of the same delicious flavours! Such a yummy treat!  

Murchie's offers so many delicious flavoured coffees, so I would definitely urge you to check our their website if you are a flavoured coffee lover like me!

Served in one of my favourite mugs made by James Pottery located on Quadra Island, BC.  I became familiar with their work when I was working at the Campbell River Art Gallery a few years ago! They do absolutely amazing work...I am a huge pottery lover :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Is it weird that you just made me crave love crunch? I need to pick some up today. Ps, its almost you're 1 year blogversary! woooooo!

    1. haha no it isn't at all...it's SO SO GOOD! I limit myself everyday because I'd eat the entire bag in one sitting...not good lol! I seriously want to try the green apple one next time! I want to try to recreate them as well! I KNOW!!!! and I'm almost at my 50th blog post too! Super excited :) I'll have to make it a super good one! May cause for a celebration...perhaps some sparkling wine? ;)

  2. I picked up a bag of that sinful stuff......I just can't stop eating it!