June 22, 2012

Rainy Day Lunch Date

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! I know I sure am, although it got off to a kind of funny start.  I got up around 8:45 and thought "wow, I slept in" which I was actually quite happy about since I can't normally sleep in too late.  I walked into the kitchen, where my mom and dad are usually having coffee and tea, but they were nowhere to be found.  They were still sleeping!  Little did I know that I had somehow changed my clock so that it was 1 hour ahead - how? I do not know... I think it takes some serious talent, so I guess some would say that I'm just super talented ;)

After I realized what was actually going on, I whipped up a quick breakfast, which I happily enjoyed in bed!

I had a delicious bowl of oikos 2 % greek yogurt, bran buds, mango, blueberries and banana!

It was quite the bowl of goodness!

Check out those beautiful colours...
After laying in bed for an hour and a half, surfing the web (do the cool kids still say this? I bet they do...i'm so happenin') I got my running clothes on and headed out for a run!  My dad accompanied me on his bike for my 10 k run and it was so nice to have him to keep me company.  The weather wasn't too shabby either! 15*C...although the humidity was definitely noticeable.  I'm not going to complain though, considering the weather Toronto has been having and the trouble some people are having trying to get for their runs *cough* *cough* Britta *cough* *cough*

When I got home I downed a delicious peach mango Steaz iced teaz, which is an all natural green tea, sweetened with all natural stevia!  They are super good!

Check out that dent at the top...I know what you're thinking..."Wow! Amy is SUPER strong...
she's SO hardcore!" I hate to break it to ya...but I bought the can like this... I guess I'm not that strong after all...
Okay, enough sarcasm for today...moving on...

After getting ready in a record time of 3 minutes...not even kidding...My mom, dad and I picked up my Oma and headed to Courtenay for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Atlas Cafe.  

My mom and I started the party with a glass of the wine, which was on special.  It was a Lake Breeze Rose and was extremely flavourful!  The glass was chilled as well, which was a very nice touch.  I drank about half of this and realized I wasn't in the mood for wine so I passed it onto my mom!

To start off my meal, my mom, dad and I ordered the soup.  It was a carrot, cumin and fennel soup.  Warm, flavourful and full and the earthy spice, cumin.  The only thing downside was that we couldn't really taste the fennel, which was a bummer considering I am a huge fennel fan.  All in all though it was fantastic!

My mom's main meal was the warm beet and goat cheese salad.  The cheese was infused with basil, and melted on top of the warm beets to make a kind of sauce, which infused each and every bite.  It also had roasted potatoes and was drizzled in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  My mom said this dish didn't have too much of anything.  It had just enough cheese, dressing...everything really, which is great considering there is nothing worse than having your salad drowning in dressing (this is why I like to order my dressing on the side).  She also said that this is one of the most flavourful meals she has had in a very long time, and I have to agree.  I will definitely order this the next time I am there!

My dad and oma ordered the enchiladas, which the Atlas is known for.  This is what I normally always order because it is always absolutely phenomenal.  They fill a curry wrap with black beans, vegetables and cheese and top it with a house made spiced creme, fire roasted rice and tomato sauce.  IT IS SO GOOD!  The best part? It is so big that I can only ever eat a half, so there are always leftovers!  You definitely get a lot for your money at this place and the quality is always top notch.  I have never had a bad meal in all the years I have been going there!  If you are in the area, this definitely a spot to check out!

For the second half of my lunch I had a small greek salad and it's safe to say it is the best greek salad I have ever had.  The balsamic vinegar is house made and goes perfectly with the salad, the veggies are fresh and the feta cheese is grated so you get a little bit with each bite!

We ended out meal with soy latte's, although after a few sips I had to stop drinking it...I normally LOVE their latte's and get them as a treat, however, this was way too strong and undrinkable. Oh well, maybe next time :)

Nobody really wanted dessert, but my mom ordered the carrot cake for us all to try.  It was definitely house made with a cream cheese icing, topped with nutmeg.  Moist and creamy!  I had about 3 bites to satisfy my sweet tooth!

All in all it was a fantastic lunch, shared with some lovely people.  This restaurant also has a sister restaurant called Avenue Bistro, which I haven't tried yet, but plan to in the very near future!  In the mean time I am going to drool over their website...

This afternoon I plan on relaxing indoors (it is raining cats and dogs out there - in the summer...I know, lame) sipping on a little bit of this...

and then probably switching to tea later on...it's just how I roll ;)

Enjoy your Thursday!


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  1. hahaha! you're too funny.. 15 would be heaaaveeeennnn!!!! I wish I could have been on that little lunch date, the food looks amazing!! And although the latte was too strong, you just made me crave a latte like NO tomorrow. I miss latte foam and coffee amazingness!