June 08, 2012

A Little Running Inspiration

I have a daily running calendar my mom got me this past Christmas and everyday it shares a little running tip.  I thought yesterday's tip was super cute and a neat idea so I thought i'd share it with you all.

"If you want to do more with your logbook, write down how you felt or what you saw.  So, instead of a drudgery, a 3- or 4-mile run becomes a voyage of exploration that you can about afterward."

Isn't that such a cool idea? It would definitely take your mind off of running and make it into a fun activity.  You could even make a list of things you hope to find on your run and keep and eye out for them.  When you get home you can check to see if you found everything that was on your list.  Kind of a neat little scavenger hunt!  I'm hoping to try this out very soon!

What do you think? Will you incorporate this into your next run?

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