October 19, 2013

It's been a very long time...

HI EVERYONE!!!!!!  I am so excited to be back.  I know it has been a super long time since I have posted but the last few months of my life have been some of the best/worst months of my entire life!  I won't go into too much detail because there isn't enough room on this page, but I will give you a bit of an update!

Let's start with June...Francis and I were in the middle of looking for jobs for September.  A lot of areas were on our radar: Quebec City, Calgary, Vancouver area etc...  It was a really hard time for us.  We were trying to find jobs in the same area, which let's face it is nearly impossible.  I made a very difficult decision in June to put in my notice at my job.  I realized that I needed time to really focus on applying for jobs and wasn't giving it the time that it deserved.  After 7 long years at University, I owed it to myself to really concentrate on my future!  It was a fun 6 months working with awesome people and having fun but I had the rest of my life to look after!  Francis had also applied for a job in Calgary...a VERY good opportunity for him...so I wanted to try to go with him.  If he got the job I was going to move there regardless if I got a teaching job or not.  We just wanted to be together...

On my last day of work I got a call from the school district in my hometown!  They wanted me to come in for an interview.  Umm...what??? I didn't even know what to do!  I was so excited and so flipping nervous at the same time!  Of course, I said yes.  Francis also had an interview at a job in Vancouver!  Francis' interview went well and he found out that he got the job (woo hoo).  My interview went well but I wasn't offered the job...super bummer, but you know what?  I got over it and I realized that it wasn't the end of the world.  I was so nervous for the interview that I ended up crying...yup, you heard that right.  It was a combination of nerves and getting emotional over the relationship I had with the students in my final practicum class!  I'm not embarrassed about that anymore...I did my very best and I was happy that I was completely myself!

That same day the school district called me again...they wanted me to come in for another interview the next morning.  I almost turned it down because I didn't want to be nervous again...but I realized that that would be a huge mistake and that I should just go in there, give it my all and not be nervous.  I looked at it as a learning experience and told myself I probably wouldn't get it but that I was very fortunate to have been giving an interview (getting on the sub list is very hard, let alone getting a teaching job with little to no experience).

Later on that day, the principal of the school called me and said she was trying to get a hold of my references but couldn't.  Ahhhhhh she was actually calling my references?  I gave her the numbers and became extremely nervous.  Over the weekend I was very relaxed because I knew they wouldn't call me to tell me the good or bad news.  Monday rolled around and I had just come in from my morning run when the phone rang...I didn't answer it.  I was WAY too nervous.  I called back and was expecting to be told that I didn't get the job but I was prepared for it.  She told me that they would LIKE TO OFFERING ME THE POSITION I INTERVIEWED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I got super chatty and the lovely lady on the phone had to ask me...after about 5 solid minutes of my chatter...she said...so, do you accept the position?  OF COURSE I DO!!!!!  It was such an amazing moment that I will never forget!  Completely surreal....

The rest of my summer consisted of packing, shopping for my very first car (eek) planning lessons, shopping for my classroom (SO FLIPPIN' FUN!).  We officially moved out of our place at the end of August and I am now settled into my new life in my hometown.  Francis is in Vancouver and we see eachother most weekends, which we both really look forward to!

My new car :)

Teacher supply store my good friend, Nicole and I went to in Van!  SOOOOOOO overwhelming...I walked out with some stickers...

Oh the chaos...

Moved in trying to unpack and get settled asap!

Starting to come together...walls are still bare but that will change once I make a trip to Emporia for some beautiful prints!

My bedroom...yes, I have a view of the ocean! I am SUPER lucky!

The stunning view the very first morning of my new job :)

View from my office!  Seriously?  So gorgeous!

The forest I take my class to everyday...we have so much fun in there!

There is only ONE stop on the way to my school...and she makes the LARGEST cinnamon buns EVER!  This doesn't do it justice...it is the size of my head...not even kidding!  It fed about 6 people...

The beautiful Elk that I get to see at least a couple of times of a week... they are the most majestic creatures I think I have ever seen.  They are beautiful.

And just one of my little B-man looking all cute...he has settled in to his new home quite nicely :)

I am in love with my career...the people, the atmosphere, the village (yes, it's a village, not a town...it's that small :) and of course my absolutely wonderful class!  I look forward to seeing them every morning...the smiles, the hugs, the laughter!  It is THE most rewarding, fun career I could have ever asked for and I am so beyond grateful that I was given this opportunity!  We have only been in school for 2 months but it has gone by super fast and I feel like that will continue throughout the year!  The best part is that I always know I have weekends off and so does Francis...so I work very hard during the week so that I can look forward to a relaxing/fun weekend away or at home!

I PROMISE I am going to get back to some more regular blogging...and I will include more running/exercise updates and food recipes, of course!  I am sorry it has been so long but I have also had a rough few weeks as I have lost a very close family member unexpectedly and it has been extremely tough...trying very hard to cope and I think that just getting back into the swing of things will help...having an outlet like blogging will also be very good for me!  Sorry for such a ramble but I had a lot of share obviously!  I hope I haven't lost any readers...but if I have I am sorry and maybe I will gain some new ones! :)

Have a great Saturday night!  I am having a nice glass of wine by my fire watching some Gilmore Girls overlooking the ocean with my kitty... perfect!