February 23, 2012

Reading Break Fun!

Last week was reading week for many of us University students....however, I wouldn't say I did a lot of reading!  Francis and I went to visit his parents in Cali and had such a great time.  It was a short trip, but we had a lot of fun!

When we got to his parents house, after a longggg day of travelling, we cracked open a bottle of wine, cheers'd and then I was told a surprise, which I had been told about a couple weeks before.  No, not what the surprise was, but that they had one for me.  Man was I curious...and they told it to me in french, which confused me even more! All I heard was "Vegas" and "David Copperfield"....so I put 2 and 2 together!
WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS TO SEE DAVID COPPERFIELD!!!!! How fun! I was very surprised, and honestly I don't think I would have ever made plans to go to Vegas on a vacation (I don't drink very much and do not gamble at all) but the fact that they planned it for us was so nice!

Before Vegas came Valentine's Day! Francis and I spent most of the day doing homework...but we did take out a little time for ourselves.

We started the day with a yummy breakfast.

Plain yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, banana and bran flakes! Coffee by the pool...I could seriously do this every.single.day! Such an amazing way to start off your day :)

After breakfast we did some homework...did a little shopping and then hung out with his parents.  It was a nice, relaxing day.

Early Wednesday morning we made our way to Vegas.  Three quick hours later we arrived, checked in, put our bags up in our room and went down to the buffet for some lunch!  It was surprisingly delicious!

They had a bit of everything...but I stayed mainly in the Mediterranean area. a-duh. Some of my fav. things.  I filled my plate with tabbouleh, cous cous salad, roasted veggie salad, lettuce, hummus and some fruit! They had an amazing dessert spread where we tried cheesecake, frozen yogurt and tiramisu...I was seriously STUFFED after this and was more than ready to see the sights!

We walked around for about four hours, checking out the hotels, which included us going up the Eiffel Tower.  Kinda funny to see it considering I've been to Paris and have been up the Eiffel Tower...but it was nice to be able to have such a great view of Vegas.

After our little adventure we decided to stop at the Sugar Factory for a warm drink.  I ordered the espresso hot chocolate (also known as a mocha here - of course) and Francis ordered the raspberry hot chocolate.

We both didn't like them at all...too sweet and too thick.  Like soup.

Can you tell we didn't like it? Oh well...it was fun to try the restaurant out at least!  After we spent the afternoon gallivanting and shopping downtown we had a quick bite to eat and went to David Copperfield...who was pretty amazing by the way! Francis even got up on stage with him! So much fun!

After a quick breaky we headed back to Corona!

Quick pit stop on the way back.  When we got back the next afternoon...I was excited to go to a few grocery stores I have always wanted to visit! Trader Joes, Sprouts and a new store I haven't heard of before called World Market.  Here is the loot....

These are all different grinders! I am most excited about the two on the left....for obvious reasons ;)

The coconut coffee is AMAZING!! It is smooth with a hint of coconut...I tried it first thing this morning and I am super excited about it.  The Texas Turtle is also delish.  Just a hint of caramelly goodness!  I also tried Justin's Maple Almond Butter, which I have been wanting to try since seeing it on a blog about a year ago!  It probably the best nut butter I have ever tasted! I haven't tried the fig or mango butter...so when I do I will review them on here of course!

A few more goodies....don't even get me started on the chocolate hazelnut butter...

Friday and Saturday involved having delicious breakfasts in the sun, such as this one....

Fresh mango and pineapple...

and testing out different foods you can't find in Canada...such as this one.  Siggi's yogurt.  Been dying to try this after seeing it on numerous blogs.  I now understand the rave reviews it has been getting...it is thick, tart with just a hint of sweetness.  And don't even get me started on the ingredient list...it is sweetened with pomegranate and passion fruit puree and agave! So sad we don't have this in Canada.  Oh well...I guess that means there is yet ANOTHER thing to look forward to when I go to visit!

After a wonderful week in Cali it was time to say out goodbyes...after a nice cruise in this beaut of course....ummmm can I have a car like this please? As always we had such a great time and can't wait to go back!!!

Hope everyone else had just as great a week as Francis and I did!


  1. You just made my morning, ahhhhh I want everything you bought in the States! LOVE the Anthropologie bowl - such a beauty and I need to get my hands on some.. somehow pretty dishes make food taste better..? Maybe that's just me being weird again. Making your tofu pasta dish tonight, supa stoked!

  2. YAY! I know...isn't everything AMAZING? I am still super excited about it! I love my bowl too...I also bought 2 mugs (yes I have an obsession with dishes) and I totally agree...the prettier the dishes the better everything tastes ;) Totally not weird at all...and YAY! let me know how you like it :) Make sure you put lots of nutritional yeast and seasoning!