October 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Withdrawal

Thanksgiving weekend was awesome and I miss it already :( Over the weekend I spent a lot of good quality time with my family! We went on a lovely walk through the woods...

while the sun was beaming down on us...

We heard "ribbiting" so we went searching for it...

...my mom spotted this big guy. 

I'm sure there are a few of you that are grossed out right now, but i'll tell you a little secret...I LOVE frogs. Always have. Always will. No idea why.

When I was little my dad and I used to go frog hunting. We went out at night time with gumboots, buckets, nets and flashlights. It was one of my favourite things to do. My dad STILL asks me if I want to go frog hunting (half joking of course)...but I think I might be a little old for that daddio. Nevertheless, I have very fond memories.

We took quite a few pictures on our nature walk/hike.

Taking a picture of Francis taking a picture :)

Mom, looking all cute for the camera!

I think this is just adorable. I wish I had a porch to put one on :( A girl can only dream...

I picked the last of the apples off of the tree...

Checked out the pumpkins in the garden...

...and the butternut squash (fav squash ever!)

and took a few more scenic pictures...

After our lovely nature walk we went home and started on dinner. Family (minus my Daddio - he was hunting) started to arrive around 5 pm. Dinner was ready and on the table!

From the left: Nicole (sister), Francis, Kyell (cousin), Mom, Henry (Gramma's fiancé), Gramma, Oma, Jeff (Nicole's boyfriend). So happy to see everyone!

Turkey dinner. I put the turkey on there incase I wanted some. Turns out I didn't. I'm still just not into eating meat. I have my reasons :)

Putting leftovers away...

Leelu, my sister and Jeff's dog on the warmest tile floor ever. My mom set it for about 6 am that morning so when we got up and went into the kitchen it would nice and cozy. Oh was it ever!

After all of the chores were done (thank god) it was time for dessert. Mmmmm...Gramma's apple pie, which everyone said was delish.

On the right past the ice cream...is the most delicious pumpkin cheesecake ever made. Ginger cookie crust, creamy pumping filling.  All of the things I love in one miraculous cake. O-M-G it was fantastic. Mom, you're a keeper :) I just don't know why I didn't take a picture of it....I think I was too busy eating/enjoying the pie to remember to. Oh well, I'd rather my tummy remember than my eyes. he-he.

Overall it was a great weekend, but it was still very hard to leave. It always is. But the fact that my mom gave me a nice bowl of borscht to bring home with me made leaving a little bit easier. Just a wee bit.

I ate it alllllllllll week. Topped with plain yogurt and dill. One of my top 3 favourite soups forsure. 

This is a picture of a random lunch I had the other day. Pinto beans, red bell pepper, tomato, salsa, avocado, salt and pepper and plain yogurt with chill powder! Delish!

Last night's dinner. Mango ginger tofu and an edamame salad! I just bought this container and it was clean, so that's why I used it! Plus, it makes it easier to transport and eat on the couch for those of you out there who are a little bit clumsy and spill everywhere :) *cough* me *cough*

Okay, it's time to go and enjoy my glass of wine and put a good movie in...Hocus Pocus anyone? Goodnight world :)


  1. Wow that was a great couple of calorie filled days, I wish I was there. Never too old to hunt for frogs with your dad.

  2. Actually it was dad posting I just don't know how to change the settings