July 01, 2011

Canada Day Festivities

After breakfast today, my mom, Francis and I walked down to the "Canada Day Picnic" which turned out to be pretty cute.  Even though it was mostly for kids we enjoyed the walk and watching everybody have a good time.  They even had a little car show going on.

I'm not really sure why I took a picture of the engine.  But the hood was up, it looked clean and pretty, and I always hear people talking about the engine of cars...

I'm not into cars at all...but I know my Dad has a car like one of these buried in the garage.  These cars were beautiful.  Are you inspired, Dad?

After the "picnic" we bussed downtown to check out the Jazz Fest that has been going on for the last week or so.  Not too bad.  They even have a beer garden for all of you beer lovers out there.  We decided to grab a quick bite before making our way through the Canada Day crowds.  The restaurant of choice? Well...since it was MY choice I decided on my fav. restaurant in town, Rebar. Mmmmm...I can always count on their food because it is always delicious.  Love that.  

We were seated right away, which is awesome considering it is Canada Day AND it was 1:00 pm.  If you don't like to wait to be seated at a restaurant don't go to Rebar between 12:00 and 2:00 pm.

I decided to celebrate July 1st by doing something I absolutely never do.  I wanted to have a shot.  You heard me, a shot.

OF WHEATGRASS!  Fooled ya, didn't I? Wheatgrass is extremely good for you.  It helps rebuild your blood, detoxify your liver, blood, tissue and cells, remove toxic metals from your body and allows the body to heal itself.  How amazing is that?  All you have to do is put up with its absolutely disgusting taste for about 5 seconds and that's it! 

I was thrilled when our food arrived shortly after I drank this because I was dying to get the taste out of my mouth.  Oh the things I do for my health.

My mom and I decided to share the almond burger and have side salads with the basil vinaigrette.  SO GOOD.  It's like summer in your mouth.  So fresh and flavorful.  I'm telling you...if you haven't tried it, go out right now and buy some.  You will not regret it!

How about an adorable picture of my mom?

Hi Mom! Isn't she just the cutest?  I sure hope I have her genes...

After lunch we made our way to the inner harbour to check out what was going on.  It was packed.  So packed that it was hard to weave our way through people.  Despite the crowds, we really enjoyed being involved in the community's spirit! Way to go Victoria!

Everyone was dressed in red and white, or were wearing Canada flags as dresses.  I really don't understand that trend.

Why didn't I wear red or white? I felt very left out...my shoes are white..ish, and I was wearing a light grey shirt.  That counts right?

After we relaxed in front of the parliament buildings we decided to walk to Beacon Hill Park.  I always love watching the ducks there.  They are so sweet.  I probably took about 30 pictures of just the ducks.  

How pretty is he?  I think he knows it too ;)

The lookout.  Such a beautiful view.  I took a few too many pictures for your (and my) viewing pleasure.

I love these chicks.

After Beacon Hill we slowly made our way back downtown to catch the bus home, stopping along the way to listen to some live bands.  They were great.  Fred Penner was even in Victoria today! How cool is that?  

We got to our apartment around 5:00 pm.  We immediately took our shoes off and kicked up our feet.  Then our tummies started to rumble.  jfkdlwgurglegurglegurglefjkdsl ("feed me" in tummy language).   We all thought it would be a great idea to pick something up at the store and go have a picnic, which is exactly what we did.  I love picnics.  

Francis got a chicken sub from Safeway! He loves their subs.  Why do you love their subs Francis? "they have good quality ingredients and they have ciabatta bread."  Oh, I love his reasoning.  Right after I asked him, he said "that is the worst reason ever."  I disagree.  I think it's cute!

My mom got her first sub from Safeway as well.  Chicken packed with veggies.  I am not exagerating when I say these subs weigh about a pound, for $5.  Can't beat that.  The verdict on her first Safeway sub experience? "it was extremely fresh and yummy."  Well there you have it, folks!

I, on the other hand, decided to have something a little different.  I taste tested a few different salads, all of which were extremely tasty.  I decided on the cranberry, almond wheatberry salad and the 7 grain curry salad.  About 100 g of each.  The perfect amount.  They were both pretty good, although I know I could make a salad that blows both of these salads out of the water.  Not to toot my own horn or anything! hehe.  

I also got some sushi.  I'm not one for store bought sushi at all actually, but it looked pretty darn good.  I decided on the brown rice california roll.  I guess I just don't like the imitation crab.  Francis helped me finish them!  I can always count on him to clean my plate.  Nothing ever goes to waste in this house.

After dinner we rested our tummies and eyes for a little while, while watching the boats... 

 and cruise ships, wishing we were passengers on them.  This one is going to Alaska!

Why am I not on this ship?  and why don't I live here?  Probably because I don't have very much money...yes, that would be why!  Maybe one day :)  Look at the beautiful sky.

photograph by Francis Gonella himself! holla!
We are so lucky to live here! B-E-Autiful.  

photograph by Francis...again! He says he's a natural...and I agree!

Ahhh...this is the life!  This picture cracks me up...I'm not sure why!

Well, I'm off to relax for a little bit before we head out to watch the fireworks.  I think we are going to walk downtown so we don't have to find parking.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Canada Day my fellow Canadians, and if by chance there is anybody else out there reading this blog, have a wonderful Friday!



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