Half Marathon Training

This page is meant to act as a continuous reminder for myself, of the daily/weekly progress of my half marathon training and perhaps serve as a motivator from time to time ;)  I am excited to share my daily runs, including distances and my overall thoughts each week as they pass me by.  I want to savour and enjoy each moment of this amazing training process and I hope that you will join me in it as well!  Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have.  I am happy to read and comment on each and every one of them.  Let's motivate each other, lovely people!

January 7th-13th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 7 km (15 min warm up; 1 min intervals, 2 min breaks approx. 15 min cool down)
Wednesday - 6.75 km (easy run)
Thursday - 8 km (same intervals as Tuesday)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 5.8 km (easy run)
Sunday - 13 km

Total: 40.55 km

Weekly Thoughts:  Overall, I felt quite good this week.  It has been a bit of an adjustment getting up at 6 am to go for a run and then running home to get ready to work all day but it is getting easier each day.  Having Britta pick me up (gotta love her for that) and knowing we are running together make it much easier!  It is so nice to go to work and have so much accomplished at 10 am and knowing that I have the rest of my evening free after work! Great feeling :)  As far as the runs went, Tuesday was a good training day, full of intense intervals, and Weds...well...not so much! It was supposed to be an interval run as well but Britta and I were both super tired so we thought we would take it easy, have a good that night sleep and try it again on Thursday! I was so happy we decided to do it that way because I felt SO much better on Thursday.  I was fully awake, rested and full of energy, ready to really push myself...and I did!  Saturday was a fun, easy run...Max (Britta's brother) joined us and we didn't take it seriously...we just enjoyed it! It was a gorgeous day along the water.  Gorgeous view, good company...what else does a girl need? Well a warm drink to warm my cold bod after the run didn't hurt.  We stopped by Cafe Artigiano's for americano's for our walk back to the car.  We try not to go every morning (it's hard, trust me) and aim for a couple times a week.  It makes them extra special!  Today's run was surprisingly fantastic.  I was expecting to be tired and not into it at all...but it was one of my best runs in awhile.  It felt effortless and was extremely enjoyable!  I'm looking forward to having a rest day tomorrow but I am excited for what next week is going to bring!

January 14th-20th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 7 km (~15 min warm up; 1 min intervals, 2 min breaks; Did 8 sets and then cool down)
Wednesday - 7 km easy run
Thursday - OFF
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 7.6 km easy run
Sunday - 15 km

Total: 36.6 km (unfortunate because I missed 1 run, but I am happy that I listened to my body and took Thursday off)

Weekly Thoughts: This week was another good one.  I feel great on each run this week...it was just unfortunate due to some time and car restrictions that I couldn't get another training run in on Thursday.  I was planning on going yesterday morning before work but because my favourite monthly gift came for a visit I really wasn't feeling up to it.  I also don't really agree with "making up a run."  My running coach from high school always told me that if I miss a run I miss it...don't try to make it up because it may do more harm than good.  So I just decided that it didn't matter and that I'd have a good run on Sat and Sunday :)  Saturday was great! We did an easy 7.6 km and then stopped for coffee on the way home! Favourite part of my day.  Sunday's run was great as well.  We met around 4 pm and it gets dark around 5:15 or so...we were planning on doing 14 but did 15 because then we ended right by where we parked.  The first half was a bit tough for both of us...I had to go to the bathroom, which is super annoying and hard to ignore during a run when you are bouncing up and down.  Britta was having some stomach cramps.  The way back was amazing, though! It went by SO fast, our pace was amazing and it felt great for the both of us! We also go in on the amazing sunset :)  Another week down and feeling great!  We are way ahead of the game endurance wise, so we are going to focus more on speed during the week, which is very exciting!!!!

January 21st-27th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 7.5 km
Wednesday -7.5 km (intervals - 8 times)
Thursday - 7 km (intervals - 6 times)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 7.6 km
Sunday - 15 km

Total: 44.6 km

Weekly Thoughts:  This week went by extremely fast.  Our interval runs were hard and on Thursday we were just NOT feeling it what.so.ever so we decided to do 6 instead of 8, which made it feel much easier.  Sundays long run was great! We started at 6:30 am (super early because I had to work at 10:30 am - thanks for being such a trooper Britty :)) and it was super dark for the first 45 mins and we were the only ones out, which was kind of fun! I held a head lamp so that people could see us and so we wouldn't get yelled at! Not much else to say...it was another great week!

January 28th-February 3rd

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 8 km (easy)
Wednesday - 8.4 km (interval run - 15 min warm up; 1 min intervals 2 min rest 8 times. Cool down)
Thursday - 7 km (interval run - 15 min warm up; 1 min intervals 2 min rest 6 times. Cool down)
Friday - OFF (thank god...)
Saturday - 7.6 km
Sunday - 16 km

Total: 47 km

Weekly Thoughts:  Tuesday's run was absolutely brutal for me.  I felt SO incredibly exhausted the entire time and had a really weird stomach ache.  Luckily we decided not to do intervals because my watch was dead (whoops) so it was doable but I felt awful.  Wednesday's run was great.  Really tough intervals as usual but we were all feeling quite good and treated ourselves to a coffee after so what could be better ;)  Thursday Britta wasn't feeling it at all...so we took it easy and did 6 intervals, which was totally fine.  Friday I was actually super tired so I was happy to have the day off and Saturday Britta and I slept in...and by slept in I mean we slept until like 7 am haha! We took it easy, stopping to take pictures and just had awesome girly conversation and stopped for a coffee of course.  We didn't leave right away...we sat outside until we got a little bit chilly and then headed on back! Man, I just love being with Britta! She is such a great friend and makes me so happy :)  Sunday's run was pretty good as well.  For some reason I was feeling much more tired than usual.  Physically tired.  By the end of it my legs were feeling really tired and heavy, but hey, at least we did it and next week is another week...also pretty excited that tomorrow is a rest day and that I only work a half day! PERFECT TIMING!

February 4th-10th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 8 km or so easy run (my watched died)
Wednesday - 7.6 km (intervals)
Thursday - 7 km (hill sprints.  15 min warm up, 1 min sprint 2 min run - 8 times.  Cool down)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - OFF (wasn't supposed to be but didn't have time)
Sunday - 17 km

Total: 39.6 km

Weekly Thoughts: Everything was fine this week.  LOVING the hill sprints at the gym.  It breaks it up really nicely.  We can just zone out and listen to our favourite tunes.  I can't help but smile and want to dance...which I sometimes do a little bit...people probably think I'm a nut bar, but I really don't care, because I kinda am!  I didn't run on Saturday because I worked at 9:30 am and I would have had to have run at about 6:30 am and Britta wanted to sleep in (totally understandable), didn't want to run alone in the dark and the gym didn't open until 7 am, which wouldn't give me enough time.  I also made a dinner date for right after work.  I am usually so good at getting all my workouts in but sometimes it doesn't work out and I am not going to beat myself up about it because really it doesn't matter at all.  Sunday was a fairly good run as well, as far as I remember.  Note to self: don't try to remember your runs over a week after you did them and then write about it :)

February 11th-17th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 8 km
Wednesday - 7.6 km (intervals) - my watch was dead so we just balparked the 1 min sprints
Thursday - 7 ish km hill sprints (15 min warm up; 1 min run on incline of 7 and pace of 7; 2 min run/break - did 8 of these with a 10 or so min cool down)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 5 km (easy run)
Sunday - 18 km

Total: 45.6 km

Weekly Thoughts: Overall, I felt pretty good this week.  It didn't feel like anything special, though.  I barely even remember the runs to be honest with you.  It is starting to feel very normal and part of my regular life and part of my daily routine...sometimes I forget that I've run that day, which isn't a bad thing if you ask me!  Because I lost my running buddy this week to Nelson, BC (Reading break) I will be running by myself.  Saturday, though, Francis agreed to run with me...ummmm what? I was so excited that I didn't even say anything about the distance...although he did say let's do 2 km but we settled for 5 :) And to be totally honest, as much as I loved running with him, I hated the run.  I felt effing horrible.  Sunday's run, I was accompanied by Francis again (on his bike this time :) I am one lucky girl! He used to go with me all the time so it was a nice treat!  The first 4 km or so I couldn't even fathom running 18 km...but after about 12 km I felt like I was just moving and wasn't even breathing heavily or anything...I was just moving along, which was nice!  My legs were exhausted all day though and a little bit achey so I definitely relaxed after work and went to bed super early.  I took some IB profen, which really helped, I was just so restless.  I also did some bed yoga, which helped me relax as well.  I slept in until about 7:45 am today, and have had a nice and lazy morning, which I desperately needed!! I feel nice and relaxed and ready for the day :)

February 18th-24th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 6.7 km (easy run on the treadmill - felt WAY longer than this)
Wednesday - 7.2 km (intervals.  2 mins at between 7.2 and 7.6 and 1 min rest in between.  8 sets.  Again, on the treadmill)
Thursday - 7.6 km (hills - 1 min, 2 min breaks)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 6 km (ran 3-5 mins on, 2 off with my mom!)
Sunday - OFF

Total: 27.5 km

Weekly Thoughts: Is it just me or does every single run on a treadmill seem like it is the longest run of your life?  Don't get me wrong...I love a good hill sprint workout every now and again...but I feel like regular runs are just so boring.  Even with my music.  And I don't go as far as I think I've gone because it's in miles...very deceiving...  This just goes to show that one of the reasons I LOVE running as much as I do is because I love running outside...enjoying all that nature has to offer

February 25th-March 3rd

Monday - 20 km
Tuesday - 7 km easy
Wednesday - 8 km (ran 2 mins, 1 min break)
Thursday - 8 km (threshold pace; 5 mins at pace, 2 min break)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 7 km easy
Sunday - 22 km

Total: 72 km

This week was VERY km heavy...not on purpose.  Sunday I was not feeling well and Britta was still away.  Monday I had the day off and Britta was back so we decided to hold off and do our long run together :)  The rest of the week felt great.  Threshold training (race pace) was really great.  Britta and I decided that our pace is different, which was good to realize at this point.  Now we know that we probably won't be running the full half together, but we are totally okay with that and will cheer eachother on :)  Sunday's long run was just that.  LONG.  We went around 12 pm because our race is around that time and we wanted to see what we should eat before our run.  It was a pretty good run.  Not great, but good.  It was a GORGEOUS DAY so we decided to go around Elk Lake.  Amazing location.  There were a lot of people and they were getting a tad annoying because none of them were sharing the trails...which aren't very wide to begin with.  There was a lot going on at the lake, about 30 dogs and their owners for a dog get together thingy, sailboat racing (mini boats) and a rowing competition.  After about 18 km my legs were getting tired...and it was really hard to push the last 4 km BUT I did it and relaxed for the rest of the day :)

March 4th-March 10th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - OFF (thank god)
Wednesday - 7.6 km (intervals)
Thursday - 7.2 km (hill sprints)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 7 km
Sunday - 14 km

Total: 36 km

Weekly Thoughts: I am getting SOOOOOO burnt out... I was exhausted on Tuesday and Britta was as well so we decided to take another day off.  Well deserved if you ask me.  Weds was a good run but I felt so tired afterwards when I went to work.  It was difficult to stand all day and I just felt really off...same goes for Thursday.  Sunday's run felt pretty tough actually.  I'm just really burnt out and need a break!  Hopefully I will feel well rested in time for the race! I'm sure I will...taper week is SO SOON!

March 11th-March 17th

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 7.7 km (easy)
Wednesday - 8 km (intervals)
Thursday - 7.6 km (easy)
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 1.2 km (funny story..)
Sunday - 10 km

Total: 34.5 km

Weekly Thoughts:  Not a bad week.  Saturday Britta and I didn't feel like running...realized this as we started...so we ran to our fav. coffee shop, grabbed a coffee and went for a walk.  We stopped along the water, sat down and talked about life!  Sunday's run went by SO FAST!  It's amazing how short 10 km feels during training!

March 18th-24th (TAPER WEEK)

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - 6 km easy
Wednesday - 6 km easy
Thursday - OFF
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 3 km easy
Sunday -


Weekly Thoughts: Oh man...taper week has never felt SO GOOD!  I've really enjoyed the runs this week.  Super easy and just plain enjoyable.  Although...I have a pretty painful planter's wart on the inside of my baby toe and it's been rubbing against my other toes...and from all the running...well you get the picture.  It is probably one of the most painful things I have ever experienced and I am NOT a wimp by any means.  I couldn't put any of my shoes on without being on the verge of tears.  And on top of that, I think I was overcompensating for my sore toe and injured my same leg during.  Luckily, today everything is back to normal (March 21st).  I tried to suffocate it (TMI I know) using apple cider vinegar, and I think it worked! I am letting it rest and air out for the next little while so hopefully all will be well for the race! Okay...that entire paragraph sounded pretty disgusting...woops, sorry!


  1. I miss my running buddy. merp. Just not the same without ya! Can't to be back and running together again :)

    1. I KNOW! It's so tough when we are used to having eachother around...just enjoy your time at home, do what you can and we will have an awesome time when you get back :)