April 18, 2012

Lovely Leftovers

A couple of days ago my mom, sister and I took a little trip down to Courtenay for lunch.  I hadn't been to the Atlas cafe in a couple of years, which is crazy considering it is in my top 3 favourite restaurants. I know what you're thinking...how have I survived the last 2 years right? Well, somehow I managed to survive, but that doesn't mean that I didn't miss it dearly.  I am glad that we have rekindled our romance...I promise to never let the spark die again, Atlas, you mean so much to me....

Because of my excitement, I completely forgot to take a picture of my meal, which is too bad considering their presentation is always so gorgeous.  But here is a picture of a quarter of my enchilada (I shared the half with my mom...lucky lady;) , made with black beans, sweet potato, other veggies I can't remember, cheese (a little too heavy on the cheese...my tummy wasn't very happy) and organic tofu, all wrapped up in a perfectly toasted curry tortilla.  Tomato rice, homemade tomato sauce and maybe a basil oil topped it off! Oh, and of a course...a little sour cream dealio on the side...not sure what it was but it was mighty tasty...definitely had some hot sauce in there!

...along with a mung bean and quinoa salad we picked up at Costco on our way home!

of course I added some fresh avocado and cherry tomatoes...

and had a delicious grape zevia on the side...and now i'm off to buy a couple packs of zevia because I have some coupons to use up! I love that excuse...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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