March 21, 2012

The Birthday Goods

Well...we all know it's been awhile since I've blogged and well, I really don't have a great excuse. I have been taking pictures but have been too busy to post. But enough excuses...onto the goods...

When I went home for a visit a couple of weeks ago my family and I (mom, dad and sister) went up to Mt. Washington for a weekend of fun in the snow!

The first morning we were there we had a delicious bowl of scottish oats, made with soy milk, bananas, topped with delicious berries. Coffee with a splash of bailey's on the side. Nothing like a little bailey's in a warm drink on a cold winter morning.

It snowed a good 2 feet while we were there...we actually got caught in a snow storm while snow shoeing... and it took us about 4 hours to get back to the lodge. Fun...but a little bit scary since we couldn't really see anything through the snow! We got back to our condo at around 4:00 pm and were pretty much ready for bed...

View from our condo!

For dinner my mom made a delicious scallop dish with lemon and white wine. Unforunately, I was in charge of the grocery shopping and packing...and I forgot salad dressing. Oh least some of us like hummus as their salad dressing (aka ME). My dad suggested drizzling the juice from the scallops on top of our greens. Um...I think we're okay Dad...but thanks for the suggestion :)

A few days after I got back to Vic it was my birthday! I was a little nervous this year because Francis was going to be friends were either working or busy...and kids are on spring break so I didn't even have any volunteering. I was going to be all alone. However, both of my parents were lovely enough to come down for the day and spend it with me! I am beyond lucky! I definitely missed having Francis and my sister there though...but I still had a great time.

Because Francis was leaving early Weds morning (my birthday) for playoffs (which, the VIKES WON!!!!!) we decided to go out for a nice celebratory dinner at Il Terazzo. If you haven't been there...I urge you to go as soon as possible. The atmosphere, food, always perfect!

I had salmon coated in crushed almonds, topped with mango salsa, on top of french lentils. Buttermilk potatoes on the side. This was SUCH a big portion...I took half of it home. Unfortunately salmon doesn't reheat very well.

And now for one of my favourite meals of the year! My birthday breakfast at Blue Fox. I had a veggie migas with a fruit salsa, fruit salad, fried banana and apple cinnamon raison toast. Oh my god...this was probably the largest portion of food I have EVER been served. I definitely couldn't finish this...but I put a huge dent in it. It kept me full and satisfied for most of the day. My mom, dad and I spent most of the day inside shopping (the weather was cold, rainy and just plain awful) and then relaxed at home with a cup of tea.

Note the beautiful runner my mom got me! It's now on my dresser...a much more practical place to have it
A little while later my mom and I (my dad had gone over to Vancouver in the early afternoon) decided, well actually I decided (because I was the birthday girl :)) to go to Rebar for dinner. I order the special which included tofu, peanut sauce, veggies and rice. It was pretty tasty, not the best thing I've ever had though. I took about half of it home and had it for lunch the next day! I also got half of my mom enchilada's that I had for dinner the next night! I LOVE LEFTOVERS!

Overall it was a really great birthday and I was happy to spend it with people who mean so much to me. As always though, I was extremely sad to see my parents as well as my birthday come and go. 

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