Welcome to my running page.  I've only just started working on this page so it is definitely a work in progress.  But overtime I plan on sharing information about my running journey, races, training or just plain running for the joy of it (which I am doing right now).  I hope to create an interactive page where we can encourage and motivate one another to be the best runners we can, and more importantly, want to be! 

After my last half marathon! SO HAPPY! Francis holding my backpack...such an awesome supporter!

Exhausted but stocked up on post run FOOD!  I went to grab a coffee shortly after the race and a man in there asked me if I was getting ready for a run...I told him I just ran the half marathon...he said I didn't look like I had even gone for a run yet.  SERIOUSLY?? Trust me...I had!

My awesome parents came down to support me!

Me and my Daddio!

Getting warmed up for the Run for the Cure 2012.  GO TEAM "RAPID THIGH MOVEMENT"

I kept leaning because I thought it would help her get us all in the picture...turns out it just made me look really really silly.

Our team!

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